Monday, December 19, 2011


"Disturb me, when the things I've gained cause me to lose my thirst for more of You.  Disturb me, when I've acquired success only to lose my desire for excellence.  Disturb me, when I give up too soon and settle too far short of the goals You have set for my life."

This was a quote from a devotional i have e-mailed to me every day, and it really resonated in my spirit.  The truth is, I don't want to be "disturbed".  I want easy, comfortable, calculated, safe, peaceful, lazy, as little effort as possible, free rides, a pampered life.  It is often a fight for me to complete the most simple of tasks and disciplines.  So, I guess what I'm talking about is self discipline or self sacrifice.  Kind of what Paul was talking about when he talked about making our bodies our slaves, to be a "living sacrifice".  Doing what you don't want to do for the cause of christ, as if you were working for him.  Such an easy catch phrase "Work as if you were working for the Lord".  I've heard it a thousand times, but have never really felt like it truly registered in my brain.  I long for that motivation to kick in sometimes.  That i would be driven to serve and impress my heavenly father in whatever way possible.  I suppose it all comes down to reverent, God-fearing, ambition, that drives me to excellence.

So, the prayer I prayed today was simple.  "Help me."  Teach me how to surrender my will to yours, and teach me how to be empowered, and emboldened by your spirit.  Give me passion, and ambition to live life for You.  For it is because of You that I live at all.  Disturb me."  - Jon.


  1. Hi Bro. Jon of Starfield. You came here in the Philippines last November, I am a Filipino.

    I hope you and your brother Tim continue to be an inspiration on how to serve God.

    I love reading in here.

    God Bless you!

  2. Yes!! We must be willing to let God pull as another way when we just get comfortable. Its about HIM, not us. Disturb me!!