Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Album "The Kingdom" Released Today!

Hello Everyone!  We've made a new record called "The Kingdom", and it releases today. (Jan. 31/12)

This is a huge deal to us because we're no longer signed to a record label.  Which means, we did this by ourselves and paid for it out of our own pockets.  With that in mind, we'd be exceedingly grateful if you chose to experience the music from one of many options available:

1 - iTunes - You likely know the drill.
It's also on iTunes Australia/New Zealand, UK, European Union, Japan, Mexico, and Latin America (incl Brazil).

2 - Digital download, directly from us, available (hopefully) anywhere in the world.  It costs $9 USD and you can pay with credit card or paypal.  You'll then be emailed a link where you can download all 10 songs.  There are no file restrictions or DRM - you can play the songs on any device, burn a CD, etc.

3 - Christian bookstores across the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe.  This is an important one to us.  If you're a purist who still enjoys picking up a product, popping it in your CD player and thumbing through the lyrics and liner notes, then we'd love for you to support the local Christian retailer near you.  If they don't carry it, perhaps politely encourage an employee at the store to order a few copies.  When you support them you support us, too.

4 - Special Edition bundle.  Get an autographed CD, a Kingdom t-shirt, and a limited-edition 8 x10 print.  And since we don't want you to wait to hear the songs, you'll also receive an instant digital download of the whole record to enjoy until the CD arrives.  This bundle costs $25 and is for those fans who want something a little special.

5 - Free/Streaming Options - if you're not ready to buy just yet, we have put up a few songs at Spotify, Rhapsody, and NoiseTrade.  
Here's the NoiseTrade link:  http://noisetrade.com/starfield